Francesco La Manna is a co-founder of ALTRA.

My work interests cover both research and development of new ideas as potential vehicles for new products/services/events. I mainly supervise and coordinate all the projects following them from the initial start-up to their practical realization. In line with that, my expertises focus on printing, web graphic art, photography, publishing, packaging, shop material and design.
I also deal with many types of handcrafts (wood, metal, plastic and cyanoacrylates). I am a get-up-and-go person, and passionate about communication and social interaction. I am currently based between Milan, Perugia and Rome.


In my spare time I love painting and I often present my works to several exhibitions. I am passionate about design, architecture, literature, theatre, music and cinema. I do sport, considering it a chance to interact rather than to compete with people. I take every opportunity I can to travel.


BOOK is a selection of works that gives an overview of both my artistic pathway and exhibitions.


WALLPAPERS · Click on thumbnails to enlarge · on the screen sizes to download the wallpaper.

1680x1050 · 1280x800 1680x1050 · 1280x800   1680x1050 · 1280x800   1680x1050 · 1280x800

SLOW MOVING is a series of small animation in slow motion.


I usually use 4B pencils

I usually use Apple Computers

3 SHEETS · Sculpture made of three metal layers, two of them bended · Variable dimensions.


Sentiamoci is a series of 16 elements derived from nose profile pictures, overlaid and treated with different artistic techniques. Each element is 20x20 cm.

MATER · Signage waste paper basket for urban use.

H-STOOL · An ergonomic stool to be realized with natural materials.


A circular photographic set. 360 photos are taken around the subject, each of them differing from the other of an angle of 1º. They are then mounted on a metal surface. Photo at 0º and 360º mark the opening and the closure of the circle, and are identical in their setting and cutting but different in the face expression. This latter is clearly modified by the passing time, i.e. by the sole variable able to crumble the geometry of the universe. As a result, photos are barely distinguishable, sharing a thin, faint, fleeting, shifty recognisability though. To achieve this effect, the artist is aimed to modify this composition every 5 years, trying to capture the symptoms and signs of the passing time. In this piece of art he has been inspired by those literary suggestions* where the main character, unaffected by the passing time, observes its effects in his own portrait.

*O. Wilde, "The Picture of Dorian Gray", U.K.,1890


STORYBOARDING... · some images taken from one of my early storyboard... a long time ago...

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